A non-governmental voluntary association of professionals in the fields of law and diplomacy aimed at developing civil society, democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine and the world.

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About the organization

The Diplomats organization is a non-governmental voluntary association of professionals from various fields engaged in systematic involvement of Ukrainian and international society in charitable, informational, and legal projects and tasks facing Ukraine and Ukrainians today.

The legal side of our association's activities is provided by the Diplomats Charitable Foundation, a charitable organization that deals with charitable and volunteer projects, and the ZE Diplomats NGO, which deals with information, social and legal projects.

The organization 's goal is to actively involve Ukrainian civil society in the development and implementation of new information and media projects aimed at popularizing Ukraine in the world, as well as active volunteer and charitable work to organize the delivery of humanitarian goods, assistance to hospitals, IDPs, orphanages and children's homes.

The association defends Ukraine's national interests in international relations at the public level, using diplomatic means and methods to ensure the protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of state borders, and to resolve trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian issues.


What does the Diplomats organization do?

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    Promotes Ukraine's international prestige and its image as a reliable partner

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    Establishes new and maintains ongoing international contacts with civil society organizations in other countries

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    Ensures the protection of Ukraine's national interests in international relations to preserve sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders

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    Prepares proposals to improve the investment climate in the country to attract as many foreign investors as possible

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    Controls the state regulatory policy at the public level in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation

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    Assists in obtaining material and humanitarian aid from foreign countries and international organizations

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    Organizes the functioning of its own telecommunications and courier service network, as well as the delivery of diplomatic mail

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    It helps to promote Ukrainian products on the foreign market and search for potential partners for economic entities of the state

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    Protects the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities in Ukraine and abroad

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    Provides assistance to state and local authorities in holding trade, industrial, scientific and technical exhibitions and fairs abroad


Christmas celebration with native Mariupol residents

Christmas and New Year holidays always remind us of a fairy tale, and we want our dreams and wishes to come true on these days.

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Date: 10.01.2024

How the Children's Paths care center lives: help and needs.

Almost a year has passed since the Diplomats team first met the leaders and children of the Children's Paths center.

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Date: 30.11.2023


September, the first month of autumn, flew by unnoticed. It was rich in various events, brought unforgettable impressions, new emotions, small victories and achievements.

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Date: 27.09.2023

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Questions and answers

How to join the volunteering?
Does the volunteer have to have special skills?
Will my personal data be protected?

We care about your privacy and do not disclose personal information. You only provide your name, phone number and email address when filling out the form. This information enables you to join our team.

How does the Diplomats team ensure the efficient use of finances?

Each project is implemented based on a needs assessment and final budget plans. We control costs by creating a logical structure that clearly defines the project's purpose, expected results, and success indicators.

Can I help by purchasing the necessary items myself?

Anyone can help financially or buy goods and send them to our volunteers. As of today, the most needed items are medicines and hygiene products. Personal protective equipment for doctors is equally important.

To make a donation, please follow the the link.

How to transfer aid from abroad?

Humanitarian aid can be delivered through international or Ukrainian hubs that distribute the cargo to different regions. You need to determine the goods you need and prepare the appropriate documents. Contact the hub coordinator to agree on the acceptance of the cargo.

Cargo (up to 1 ton) is also sent through Ukrainian postal companies. Aid from abroad is accepted:

  • "Ukrposhta
  • "Nova Poshta
  • "Meest Express
It is important to sort humanitarian aid according to the category of goods to avoid spending extra time at customs.

What documents are needed to transfer aid?

To send cargo, you need to fill out a declaration and show it when entering Ukraine. Only an individual or legal entity can send cargo. To speed up the clearance process, it is better to fill out the document in in electronic form. After the declaration is accepted by the State Customs Service, the document receives an identifier (a number starting with 00). It must be shown at customs.

To ship bulletproof vests, quadcopters, thermal imagers, binoculars, and other military equipment, you need to issue a letter of guarantee. This is the responsibility of the relevant law enforcement agencies or legally established military formations.

Terms of donations

- By making a donation, you agree that it is exclusively voluntary and non-refundable, and that if it is impossible to use your donation for the intended purpose for reasons such as completion (closure) of fundraising for specific projects, impossibility of holding planned events, for reasons beyond our control or other reasons, your donation will be used exclusively for the implementation of other charitable projects.