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How to organize a volunteer event: your action plan for positive change

Learn how to effectively organize a volunteer event. From setting goals to engaging partners and evaluating results, get the tips you need to create a successful initiative.

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Date: 02.04.2024

New rules for importing humanitarian aid to Ukraine will be in effect from April 1

Your guide to the new process of importing humanitarian aid into Ukraine from April 1, 2024. Changes and rules. Using the digital platform. Practical tips for registration.

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Date: 28.03.2024

How the program "Own Business" is transforming the lives of Ukrainian veterans

How the "Own Business" program transforms the lives of Ukrainian veterans by providing them with grants to develop their own businesses. Terms, directions, benefits of the program, and future prospects for veterans and their families who want to start a business.

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Date: 09.02.2024

Supporting animal shelters during the war: how to make a contribution

Find out how to effectively support animal shelters in Ukraine during the war. Tips for financial and material support, volunteering, and other ways to change the lives of animals in need of protection.

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Date: 22.01.2024

How to get help for internally displaced persons

What kind of assistance can internally displaced persons receive, the procedure for payment and the amount of financial assistance from international organizations. Where IDPs can apply for financial assistance.

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Date: 07.12.2023

Volunteer assistance during the war

How to start helping volunteers. What basic rules you need to know to make volunteering effective. What are the directions and how to register.

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Date: 23.11.2023