Volunteer assistance during the war

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, volunteerism has developed significantly. The list of those whom volunteers help is quite extensive. It is not surprising, as their work is needed on all fronts:

  • On the front line.
  • In the rear.
  • Internally displaced persons.
  • Low-income families, the disabled and pensioners.

I am extremely proud that our country is rich in caring people who are ready to help day and night without any selfish gain. The war has undoubtedly united all Ukrainians, so it is everyone's task to support volunteer organizations and provide assistance.

Volunteer assistance during the war

Volunteering is a voluntary charitable activity aimed at helping others. Volunteering is legal, voluntary and non-profit. Volunteers voluntarily join organizations to help more people faster and more efficiently. In times of war, volunteer assistance is extremely important, and they seem to be able to accomplish the impossible.

Volunteers are capable:

  • Establish logistics and coordination processes.
  • Provide psychological and informational support.
  • Purchase everything from food and medicine to ammunition, vehicles, and drones.
  • Find a shelter for IDPs.
  • Find children and their parents and reunite families.

If you want to join a noble volunteer cause, you should know all the advantages and disadvantages.

If you become a volunteer, you will undoubtedly receive many benefits:

  • Gratitude to the people who received your help.
  • A sense of pride in helping others.
  • Expanding the circle of acquaintances and friends.

At the same time, volunteering has its drawbacks:

  • You will face constant stress.
  • Such activities will take up all your free time.
  • You will not receive any money for your work.

But if you are not afraid of the above factors, then feel free to join the volunteer movement.

Areas of volunteer movement.

Volunteer organizations are divided into

  • Official. Registered in the state register and have the relevant documents.
  • Unofficial. Formed independently without a documented status.

If you become a volunteer for an official organization, you are required to make a volunteer passport for the respective organization. Official organizations keep records of the funds and resources they have raised and spent and publish them on their websites. Of course, if you decide to volunteer, it is better to join an organization that works officially. You can join the Ukrainian Volunteer Service or the volunteer movement BUR (Building Ukraine Together), which was founded in 2014.

The main areas of activity where volunteer assistance is needed include:

  1. Support for low-income and large families, the disabled, pensioners, the homeless and people in need of rehabilitation.
  2. Providing assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, TRO forces and other military formations.
  3. Providing assistance to citizens affected by man-made accidents or natural disasters.
  4. Providing assistance to sick children and orphans.
  5. Taking measures to protect the environment.
  6. Volunteer work in the field of preserving historical and cultural heritage and historical monuments.
  7. Helping stray animals.

You can choose the area of activity you like or use your professional skills and abilities:

  • Provide psychological support or free counseling.
  • Free medical care.
  • Cooking.
  • Organizing and participating in charity concerts.

Focusing on one thing will allow you to provide assistance more efficiently and avoid making your help invisible.

Basic rules of volunteering

In order to volunteer effectively, you must follow the basic rules of volunteering:

  • First and foremost, it's about personal safety.
  • Do not panic.
  • First, help those who are closer to you.
  • Concentrate on one or two areas.

Unified register of volunteers

The register of volunteers is maintained by the State Tax Service. You can register by submitting the relevant documents to any tax authority in person.

Documents to be submitted to become a volunteer:

  1. Original and copy of the identification code and passport.
  2. Certificate of opening an account for donors.
  3. Completed and signed application form for volunteering.

If all the documents are collected and filled out correctly, you will be included in the Unified Register of Volunteers within a business day.

Fighting fraudsters

Unfortunately, not all people are honest and eager to help. Nowadays, it is especially common to encounter fraudsters who are willing to profit from other people's sincere desire to help.

But there are several common features that distinguish fraudsters from genuine volunteers.

The main signs that you are facing a fraudster:

  • They post the same messages in all social media groups and chats.
  • Fake accounts where they write to personal messages and immediately ask for money transfers. Real volunteers will never impose themselves on people, let alone write to them in personal messages first.

In order to check a volunteer, it is enough to ask him or her a few clarifying questions, and in order not to fall for their tricks, you should follow the tips listed below:

  • Ask him for the relevant documents.
  • Check for reporting of expenses and assistance on social media.
  • Don't be afraid to ask a lot of follow-up questions. Sooner or later, the fraudster will get confused in their answers and they will sound contradictory.
  • Check the number using the app, where you will see what kind of fame the person really deserves.
  • Always transfer funds to official accounts.
  • Check the suspicious organization by EDRPU code.

List of volunteer organizations

If you don't know how to find volunteers, you can use this list of volunteer organizations.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the following volunteer organizations:

  • Wings of Hope Charitable Foundation. The foundation was created to support children with cancer.
  • "Help the Front" is a foundation of Lviv volunteers whose activities are aimed at meeting the needs of the military.
  • Volunteer association "Everyone can help". Specializes in helping IDPs.
  • "Army SOS. An organization that procures ammunition, as well as protective equipment, intelligence and communications.

Remember. Before joining a volunteer program, assess your capabilities in terms of how much time, effort, and money you are willing to donate to a good cause.

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