How to get help for internally displaced persons

Internally displaced persons - are citizens of Ukraine who had to leave their place of permanent residence. The reason for such a decision was a threat to life and health as a result of being in the territory of hostilities, temporary occupation or a possible threat. This category also includes foreigners and stateless persons who are legally in Ukraine. The full list of of settlements of IDPs' previous residence is approved by the Ministry of Reintegration and is regularly updated.

To obtain this status, you must contact the social protection department at your place of residence or the responsible person who performs these duties in accordance with the orders of the authorized executive body.

Who is eligible for financial assistance

Assistance is provided to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • fled their homes because of fighting in their town/village or as a result of the encirclement of the settlement;
  • left the territories temporarily occupied by the occupiers;
  • have their homes destroyed, damaged or uninhabitable as a result of shelling.

What is required for this do you need to do? Register as an IDP and obtain a certificate. This document gives you the opportunity not only to receive assistance, but also the right to free medical services, the organization of public school and preschool education for children, as well as social benefits and pensions.

What assistance can IDPs expect

Persons with IDP status can count on both state aid and support from international organizations. An application can be submitted in person during a visit to an authorized body.

Documents required to receive assistance:

  • completed application;
  • дcertificate of registration of IDPS;
  • passport;
  • individual tax number;
  • marriage certificate, if available;
  • of evidenceо birth certificates of the childchild's birth certificate, if any; all of the above documents must be submitted with copies.
  • consent to the payment of assistance to the family representative for other members of the of the family;
  • permission to information processing by the bank.

Important! Кhe documents must be certified by the applicant. For this purpose on the the duplicate is indicated on the duplicate "copy is true", next to the signature and the name of the applicant.

State aid to IDPs

To receive monthly state aid, you must be registered and apply for it. The application form can be downloaded at the by the following links and and submit it to the social protection department at your place of residence.

Assistance is provided to IDPs on the basis of their status, and its amount depends on the category of the person:

  • For persons with disabilities and children - UAH 3000 per month;
  • for everyone else - 2000 UAH/month.

Assistance from international organizations

IDPs are entitled not only to state support, but also to assistance from international organizations. In the vast majority of cases, there is a prerequisite for its provision - registered IDP status.

  1. Financial assistance from the UN.
    The world program provides cash assistance to IDPs temporarily residing in Rivne and Vinnytsia regions. Payments are automatically accrued to all citizens temporarily residing in these regions who have registered and applied for assistance. It is envisaged that UAH 2,220 will be allocated per person per month, with a maximum of UAH 6,600 available for a family of three.
  2. Financial assistance from the International Committee of the Red Cross.
    According to the programprogram, payments are prioritized for IDPs from the war zone. There is no need to apply separately - the aid is accrued together with the state aid. It amounts to 2500 UAH per person. These funds are paid within 3 months. IDPs can receive not only financial support, but also clothing, footwear, hygiene products, food, vouchers for medicines and food, and psychological assistance.
  3. Assistance from the ECHR.
    Under this program, Ukrainians can receive material or moral compensation from the European Court of Human Rights. Material compensation is provided if a person has lost their home or car. The probability of receiving these payments is quite high: the court makes a decision, and the terrorist country is obliged to pay compensation. To do this, you need to fill out a form on the websitethen download it to your computer and print it out. Send it to the Ukrposhta branch, having previously indicated the address of the ECHR, which will be generated automatically when filling out the application on the website.
  4. Help from Caritas. This is one of the world's largest international organizations, which operates in many Ukrainian cities. For example, in Kyiv , thecompany provides food packages, various baby food, hygiene products , anddiapers .In Lviv , it providesfood and humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons. In Zhovkva, they work as ahub fororganizing temporary accommodation. In Ternopil, they offer shelter for a certain period of time, food, seasonal clothing and footwear, beddingsets , andtowels. Special needs include wheelchairs for children, crutches, and walkers. Acompletelist of Caritas locations in Ukraine and the types of assistance that can be provided there is available on the the website of the fund.
  5. Financial assistance from UNICEF "Jointly".
    The program program provides financial support regardless of IDP registration. A family can receive assistance in the amount of UAH 2200 per person if the family consists of: three young children, with one child under 2 years of age; two minor children, one of whom has a disability. Families that have adopted children, as well as guardians, are also eligible for this type of assistance.

Important! You do not need to apply more than once. Processing more than one application doubles the time for selection and verification of eligibility. As a result, this may result in a delay in payments to those who meet the specified parameters.

- IDPs can also receive other assistance. For example, through the eDopomoga program, Ukrainians can receive payments at Ukrposhta offices. The following are eligible pensioners large families, and people with disabilities are eligible. All you need to do is register on the platform. . The system is set up in such a way that a personalized application can be selected by a specific benefactor. In this case, the person in need will receive help from hand to hand.


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