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Help from a charitable foundation
How to get help from a charitable foundation

Who can receive financial assistance from a charitable foundation and what they need to do. Where to apply and how to choose a charitable foundation or organization.

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Date: 09.05.2023

Superhumans prosthetics and rehabilitation clinic
Superhumans Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Center opened in Lviv region

A specialized prosthetics and reconstruction clinic, the Superhumans Center, was opened in Lviv to provide prosthetics and rehabilitation for patients injured as a result of Russian aggression.

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Date: 17.04.2023

The Government has launched a single online platform to help the rescued

The government has launched a single online platform to help survivors, which collects contacts of key support services for victims of various types of violence.

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Date: 20.03.2023

How to get a grant for your own business from the government program eRobota?

Financial assistance from the government to start or develop your own business. The procedure and conditions for obtaining it, areas of funding, and requirements for applicants. Find out how to apply for a grant online and who can be rejected.

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Date: 02.02.2023