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Volunteer assistance during the war

How to start helping volunteers. What basic rules you need to know to make volunteering effective. What are the directions and how to register.

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Date: 23.11.2023

Assistance to victims of Russian aggression

Where to apply and how to get financial assistance to victims of Russian aggression.

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Date: 11.10.2023

Financial assistance from international organizations
How to get financial assistance from international organizations

Which international organizations provide financial assistance to residents of Ukraine. How to apply for and check the status of assistance. Hotline numbers for consultations

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Date: 15.09.2023

Compensation for destroyed housing
How to get compensation for destroyed housing?

Key steps and tips on how to successfully apply for compensation for destroyed housing as a result of Russian aggression. Learn about the necessary documents, legal aspects and timeframes for effective compensation.

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Date: 21.08.2023

Humanitarian aid to residents of Kharkiv region
How to get humanitarian aid for residents of Kharkiv region

How to get help under the "Package for Every Citizen" program, a list of volunteer organizations that provide assistance to residents of Kharkiv region.

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Date: 06.07.2023

How to become a volunteer and be useful?

Anyone can start helping and benefiting their country! Read our article to learn about the areas and official registration of volunteering.

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Date: 12.06.2023